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xkcd's dark flow

One of the slightly annoying things about being an xkcd fan is that whenever a really good one comes out, you can count on it appearing on your blogroll two or three (or four , or five!) times as your friends spot it and post it to *their* blog.

I don’t care, I’m posting this one anyway. It made me cry! (Oh to be the person who inspires this kind of love in Randall). 🙂

Then reading the comment thread about the comic over at LiveJournal, I got teary again. No, not in the ‘YouTube readers are so dumb it sucks my will to live’ way. But in the… xkcd and its fans give me hope for humanity kind of way.

Yep, sappy and I don’t care. If you don’t go ‘aww’ at Angular Momentum, I think there’s something wrong with your heart. 🙂

AAAND, I just noticed that xkcd also has a reader forum. With topics like maths, science, linguistic and religious wars. Excuse me, I have to leave now to spend time combing the xkcd forums to find my new boyfriend. 🙂

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