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Upcoming talk on social media and the 1 Million Women campaign

I’m chuffed to announced that I’ve been invited to speak at the 4th annual Social Media Summit in Melbourne, on Wednesday, 12 August. I will be talking about the social media strategy we put in place for the 1 Million Women environmental campaign, which was a pro bono client of ours at Keep Left PR. I’ll be talking about social media was built into the overall PR campaign for theproject, which launched nationally in May. I’ll also look at:

  • How is online audience engagement different from traditional media?
  • How do you engage women online?
  • Using platforms like Facebook to drive traffic to your social media website
  • Blogger outreach; handle with care
  • What is the future of social media; do you have to own a niche topic or can you appeal to a mass audience?

I’m also looking forward to being on the panel afterwards, which is looking at effective social media & social networking strategies. I’ll be on the panel with Clinton Bown, Communications Manager, Hawthorn Football Club and Liza Boston, Founder & CEO, Cracked Pepper.

The panel will discuss “the challenges facing public and corporate organisations in developing and implementing social networking strategies. All organisations are cautious about using social networks and face real barriers to secure buy-in within the wider company. What content works and why? Best practice on blogger outreach and more…”

I’ve also booked my ticket for Web Directions South in Sydney in October. I’m just an attendee at this one – and I’m really looking foward to it, although I’m bummed that my teaching commitments here in Melbourne mean I will miss the “Ed directions” workshop, which looks cool. Oh well.

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Webstock 2009: Peace, love and a eulogy for Web 2.0

It opened with a call for website creators to help save the world, and closed with a call for Web 2.0 to grow up already… In the course of just two days, speakers at New Zealand’s Webstock conference evoked the perils of ecological disaster, suggested that computer games might be able save the world and performed a eulogy for Web 2.0. A heady, visionary blend of themes, attitudes and exhortations – this was Webstock 2009.

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Heading to NZ for Webstock 2009

I’m heading to Wellington, New Zealand on Wednesday to attend Webstock 2009. It will be my first Webstock and indeed my first trip to the land of the hobbits. 

Check out the program here – I’m particularly keen to hear from Ben Goodger (who was project lead for Mozilla’s Firefox browser before he moved to Google where he is the User Interface Tech Lead for the Chrome browser project), Bruce Sterling and Annalee Newitz (longtime tech writer and sci fi blogger at io9) . Actually, the list of speakers is pretty damn impressive, rather than namecheck a bunch of people you can browse the list yourself.

I’m covering the conf for ZDNet and I’m also filming an interview with Annalee which will be published on the Webstock site. Fun! Exciting!   Hopefully I’ll also have time to do some sightseeing in gorgeous NZ. 🙂

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Upcoming class for student editors at NEWS09

There’s a student media conference coming up here in Melbourne and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching a class in web publishing as part of it.

NEWS09 is a conference for student editors being held over the weekend of 6 and 7 January 2009. This cool sounding event is run by Express Media.

There’s not a lot of info online yet about NEWS09 but I suspect the website will be expanded soon as they’re just finalising the running sheet for the day.

My session is about online publishing, and will cover the basics of getting online, from registering a domain name, to creating an effective web publication, and how to promote and network successsfully. All in an hour, so it’s going to be a whirlwind tour. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to meeting some student editors from this century. 🙂 When I was at uni, the student media types were Dave Penberthy, Annabel Crabb and Sam Maiden. See, lots of student editor types go on to be Real Journalists. 😉

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Upcoming event: Panel on Geek Parenting at LCA

Attention, free and open source software lovers – is just a week away! I’m co-convening the LinuxChix miniconf which is happening next Monday – check out the full lineup of talks. We even have a talk on Senator Stephen Conroy’s infamous Great Firewall of Australia: The Swiss Cheese Project.

I’m also keen to spread the word about the panel I’ll be moderating, on Geek Parenting:

Join our panellists Bdale Garbee, Silvia Pfeiffer, Andrew McMillan and Casey Schaufler as we tangle with some of the issues facing the geek parent – or the parent of a potential geek. How do you deal with having a gifted child who is having trouble socialising at school? How do you make sure that your child doesn’t ‘switch off’ from learning during those terrible teen years? Are there any ways to get your kids to think science and tech are cool rather than the daggy stuff mum or dad does at the computer all day? After the panel, join LinuxChix for a family BBQ sponsored by Google – all are welcome!

I hope to see you at LCA. 🙂

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RRR tonight – discussion of Australia's ISP filtering "plan"

I’ll be making one of my semi-regular appearances on RRR radio’s technology show, Byte into IT tonight from 7pm-8pm. We’ll be talking about the ISP filtering debacle with our resident legal expert Andrew Fish, so it should be a good one. If you’re in Melbourne, tune into 102.7FM, or you can stream it on the interwebs at

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Upcoming talk on Citizen Journalism

I’m pleased to confirm that I’m speaking on Citizen Journalism at the “Free as in Freedom” miniconf at in Hobart in January. My talk is called “It’s all fun and games until someone wants to sue you: Reporting in the age of citizen journalism.” My talk’s slated for 1.45pm – further details can be found on my “Upcoming Appearances” page.

This event looks like it’s shaping up to be a good one – I’m happy to be sharing the stage with some great speakers talking about their work in ensuring open access to information, including the people behind

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