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Announcing @weMelbourne, a Twitter account sharing a new Melburnian each week

Hi Melbourne friends and tweeters, I wanted to let you know I’ve hopped on the city and country-curating bandwagon and started @weMelbourne,  a Twitter account sharing tweets from a different Melburnian each week.

Inspired by @sweden, @newzealand, and of course local accounts @WeAreAustralia and @IndigenousX, I really wanted to see a local version. Melbourne is a town so in love with itself, how could we not take this opportunity to share the things we love (and hate) about our city? 🙂

I’ll be selecting people with an eye for diversity – and once you have the keys to the account, it’s all yours for the week. If you want to come out as an instant coffee drinker or Collingwood supporter, you won’t be censored. I just ask that you make sure you tweet at least once a day to make sure the account keeps ticking over.

If you’d like to volunteer for @WeMelbourne, please send a tweet to that account, or leave a comment here with your Twitter name. I would also really love it if you’d make a suggestion of the Melbourne people you’d like to see tweeting from @WeMelbourne. Thanks!

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On Geek Parenting – call for panelists

I’m co-convening the Linux Chix miniconf at (LCA) in Hobart in January. I’ll be able to post the lineup of speakers for the day soon, but in the meantime an overview of the day can be found here. But one of the cool things we’re planning is a panel session on Geek Parenting, which will be open to all LCA attendees.

We are now looking for some experienced geek parents as well as an expert or two (educator, counsellor or other professional who is experienced in matters parental) who would like to share some ideas, tips and discussion on the challenges that being a parent can present.

Read on for details including how to nominate yourself for a spot on the panel.

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Interview with Jeff Waugh tonight on RRR

I’ll be interviewing Jeff Waugh tonight on RRR‘s technology show, Byte into IT. Jeff will be giving us an update on the local work being done with the One Laptop per Child laptop, the XO. OLPC volunteers are hard at work in the south pacific region and right here in Australia.

If you’re in Melbourne, you can tune in from 7pm til 8pm on 102.7FM. Or you can stream the show from the RRR website. The show will also be available as a podcast at a later date (but I’m not sure how much later). 🙂

Comments off 2009 – Call for papers is heading down south to Tasmania in 2009, so if you fancy a trip down south and you have some technical knowledge you’d like to share – put your name forward as a speaker! Ben Powell from the “March South” organising team emailed me to let me know that the Call for Papers is now on. Check out the details at the LCA page. You can also suggest a “mini-conf” topic.

I tried to get some more tidbits of news out of him, but could only get this: “We have two international speakers confirmed so far and I’m currently chasing the final one who is likely to be local.” So it looks like they’re continuing the tradition of having 2 overseas keynotes and 1 local keynote. That’s good to hear. 🙂

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Launching Geek Girl Dinners Melbourne

Not strictly Open Source, but I’m hoping that we’ll get lots of support and interest from the Open Source community. 🙂

Anne-Marie and I would like to invite each and every Melbourne geek woman to join us for the first Melbourne Geek Girl Dinner on Thursday, 29 May.
We’ll be meeting at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Dinner is at 100 Mile Cafe, Level 3, Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe Street.
This is the first dinner for the Melbourne Group, so we’re calling it 0.1 – a planning dinner. The usual format will be an informal dinner with a technical talk by one of the members or guests. The first dinner won’t have a speaker, we’ll be brainstorming and planning what we’d like to do with the Melbourne group – and most importantly creating a list of the technical women who are based in Melbourne who we’d like to invite to speak at future dinners.
If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to sarah.stokely AT by Thursday 22 May. Feel free to contact me with any question you might have too.
Oh and by the way – guys who are interested in coming along are welcome to do so if they have a female geek to escort them. 🙂
The group’s blog is here, and if you’re on Facebook, join the group! 🙂

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Thanks for visiting The Open Source Report, a news and blog site devoted to the technology, trends and community behind open source. We launched our site at this year’s, Australia’s leading open source conference. It was a great (albeit frantic!) week in Melbourne – and we got to break several news stories including the news that the One Laptop Per Child initiative is coming to Australia, and the news that Google is launching a southern hemisphere Summer of Code which will fit in with Australian uni summer holidays.

Please add our RSS feed to your reader to get updates as they happen, or subscribe for email updates in the box up to the right of the page. Or just be old fashioned and bookmark this site. We hope you enjoy our coverage of the open source tech community, and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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