About Sarah Stokely

Hi there. I’m Sarah Stokely. I’m an online media consultant who works with publishers and organisations doing social good. I care about good journalism, good online communications and good citizenship. Smart and genuine communications are important to me, and I’m striving to leave the internet a better place than I found it!

Right now I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.

Here’s a rundown on my career and some interesting things I’ve done…

  • I also worked as the Community Manager for Nuffnang Australia, a blog advertising network.
  • I was the web editor for the launch of Australia’s first independent politics and current affairs blog network, for Crikey. I also helped steer them towards a complete change of publishing platform, onto the free & open source WordPress platform.
  • I was the launch editor of Lifehacker Australia, and built it into a Top 20 Australian blog within 6 months. In fact, we made it to #11!
  • I  created 100 dates, a crowdsourced online dating project which was reported in media from Australia to New Zealand to Italy.
  • In January 2008, I launched The Open Source Report, a news and blog site about Open Source technology and the Open Source community in Australia and around the world. It is now archived on this blog, Fox Force Five.
  • In 2004 I won the inaugural Best General Technology Journalist award at Australia’s annual IT Journalism Awards.
  • I worked as a tech journalist and editor in Australia and the UK from 2000 until 2009.

Find me online:

  • I’m most active on Twitter: @stokely
  • Email me: sarah @ foxforcefive.com.