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Celebrating Ada Lovelace day – by recognising Kirrily Robert and the Geek Feminism blog

I read a number of blogs out of professional and personal curiousity, and the Geek Feminism blog which launched last year was my standout new blog of the year. So I’d like to take the time to say why it’s awesome, and why I especially appreciate the work done by its founder, Kirrily Robert (Skud).

Why the Geek Feminism blog is awesome:

  • It’s a very useful resource for people interested in supporting women working in the tech sector, or wanting to increase the representation of women in tech. The blog rounds up success stories, relevant conference talks and interesting links. It also shines a spotlight on poor behaviour and has an ‘Ask a Feminist’ series in which readers can submit their tricky questions and receive advice.
  • It is a regular reminder that there are other people out there tirelessly working to put an end to problems women can face in the tech sector particularly. Knowing this makes me feel more hopeful and less alone!
  • The writers are intelligent – I find every post to be worth reading.
  • It tackles issues & discussion about feminist issues at a level which many professional women are at – but also provides links to “Feminism 101” materials which I’ve found invaluable for helping to discuss issues or problems with people who aren’t necessarily interested in or educated about feminist issues. It also links to resources for men who might want to find out how they can support women in tech.
  • It’s a group blog – which means a diversity of views both from the writers and in the discussion in comments. So I’d like to also mention my appreciation of the work that all the contributors make to the blog.

Kirrily Robert:

You might not realise it, but even today, people who speak about feminist issues cop a lot of very unpleasant abuse for doing so. Kirrily gave a very positive keynote talk at OSCON last year about ways which in which people and organisations have been working to increase the representation of women in tech, which generated a lot of discussion and led to her deciding to found the Geek Feminism blog.

When she’s not doing Geek Feminism stuff, this Australian-born resident of San Francisco works with tech startups (she’s currently working at Freebase) and builds communities (she recently started a Community Management wiki). She’s also generous with her time and ideas, and I’ve invariably found conversations with her to be mentally invigorating. Thank you Skud. 🙂

This post was created both to salute the creator of my favourite new blog, and to fulfil my pledge to take part inAda Lovelace Day – a day to blog about women in IT and science. I noticed that Mary also blogged about Skudtoday.

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