Upcoming OSIA talk: Open Sourcing PR

I’ll be talking about “Open Sourcing PR” at OSIA this month. The meeting starts at 7pm, on April 16 here in Melbourne town. Details of the meeting are here and the blurb for the talk can be found under the cut.

Open Sourcing PR: PRs, flacks, spin doctors. That may be what you think of when you think of PR – whether it’s press relations or public relations. Let’s turn that notion on its head, shake it vigorously, and see if anything useful falls out of its pockets! What if you could take the good things about PR and apply some open source principles and tactics?

For example – how can PR help you get your point across to the media or to the public, in a language that makes sense to them? What if you knew just how to get a journalist’s attention to focus on an issue you think is important? What should you do if your business (or a project you care about) is getting shredded in the media?

What if your open source business or community project had a PR toolkit that could be used by any member of group to help them be an effective public spokesperson for the project?

My vision of open sourcing PR is about empowering open source businesses, community groups, or projects to develop, share and improve the PR tools at their disposal. Creating an open source community which learns, grows, shares tools and empowers its users to use those tools to spread their messages. That’s the kind of PR worth getting passionate about!

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