Going to election 2.0? Don't forget to take your parents.

The other day I sent my parents an email with links to Barack Obama’s speech accepting the presidency of the USA, as well as John McCain’s concession speech.

I did this because I asked if they’d seen Obama’s speech, and they’d only seen a very brief clip on the TV news. I thought the whole 17 minutes was worth watching.

Later my dad called me to ask why the YouTube clips would start playing, then stop. I explained that the video needs time to download before you can watch it without it pausing. So I suggested he start it playing, then pause it until he could see that the “loading” bar was almost finished. It’s a simple thing, but one I wouldn’t have thought to explain until he asked. Just another example that you shouldn’t assume knowledge when you’re teaching people tech stuff.

(For fun, I also included Don’t Vote, a Steven Spielberg YouTube ad encouraging people to vote, which I adored because it stars Harrison Ford being all righteous and refusing to say “Don’t vote”.”I can’t do it. It’s not true, I don’t believe it. 537 people decided the 2000 election and you want me to tell people that one vote doesn’t count?”)

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