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How would you like a mentor to help you improve your proposal for a talk at

If you’re a female geek (professional or student) and thinking of submitting a tech talk to LCA, then I’d like to tell you that a couple of experienced speakers have volunteered to make some time to read draft proposals & give feedback to women who are interested in presenting at LCA. The idea is to encourage women (especially ones who haven’t applied or presented before) and hopefully increase their chances of getting selected. (I’m not part of the LCA 2009 organising committee, this is not an “official” thing just something I’m organising with the help of a couple of volunteers.)

I’m trying to get this message out to lists frequented by technical women & students, please forward to any mailing lists or friends/colleagues who you’d like to see presenting at in January. 🙂

The timetable I’d like to work to is:

1) You contact me asap ( to let me know you’re interested in having someone vet your talk. I will provide you with contact details of your “mentor” and you will forward your draft proposal to them by this Friday, 25 July (yes, this Friday!)
2) Your mentor will get a week to look at your proposal, and will be asked to send you some feedback by August 1. (so you’ll then have a week to do any further tweaking before submitting your proposal).
4) Call for papers ends on 8 August, hopefully many excellent proposals will be submitted including a record number by women. 🙂

Please note: There are a lot of things you can do yourself to improve your proposal before it even goes to your mentor. Please check out the following.

Information on LCA for people wanting to give a paper:There’s heaps of information on the LCA 2009 website on what kind of papers they look for, what format the presentations take, etc, so head over there and take a look. Note that the call for papers (abstracts, not the full paper!) is 8th August – so it’s time to get moving if you haven’t already. 🙂

Here’s information about the call for presentations:

Here’s some helpful information for presenters including what’s involved in being a speaker, and how long the talks go for:

and here’s some information about how to make your proposal even better to increase it’s chances of getting selected. (Please read this before you ask one of our helpful volunteers to put their time into vetting your paper). (Getting a talk into (How to get a conference paper accepted)

Thanks, and I hope to see you at LCA. 🙂

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