beta – a tool for online democracy in Australia

I’ve just plastered this news all over Crikey, but had to give a big plug here too. This is a project – based on open source principles -to put Hansard (the official report of the debates and proceedings of Parliament) online and make it searchable. People in the open source community have been talking about doing this for a while – don’t underestimate what a big task it must have been. How wonderful it’s happening!

Inspired by the UK’s They Work for You project, OpenAustralia also lets you look up your local representative, see what they’ve been talking about in Parliament, and get stats on their work.

For example, when I look up my local MP, I can see the issues he’s recently broached in parliament, and that he’s spoken in 41 debates in the last year, among other information.

 All the software behind this project is open source and freely available here – so please consider yourself encouraged to pitch in and help this fantastic online project devoted to helping people see what their pollies are doing.

Congratulations to the team behind OpenAustralia – Matthew Landauer, Katherine Szuminska, Bruno Mattarollo, Matthew Panetta and Wade Millican. 🙂

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