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Pia Waugh on Volunteering in Open Source and IT

Another interesting event coming up is an event being hosted by the ACS which will feature Waugh Partners consultant Pia Waugh talking about her involvement in volunteering in IT and the Open Source community and how it’s helped her achieve as a business person.

Pia’s talk will cover her experience with Open Source, One Laptop per Child, technology in developing nations, encouraging girls (and Generation Y across the board) to get into IT, and the experience of starting her own IT business in Australia.

The event is being held on Monday 28 April from 12pm – 2pm. It costs $20 (free for ACS members) which includes light lunch and refreshments included. It’s being held at The Mitchell Theatre, Level 1, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney.

For further details or to register go to

ICT volunteerism: driving career and personal advancement!

ACS-Women – Level 1 280 Pitt Street, Sydney – Monday 28/4/08 – 12pm –
2pm – Light lunch and refreshments. Go to to

Pia is a technical woman working with Linux and Open Source. She has a
global reputation and has spoken all around the world on topics ranging
from women in ICT, Open Source business benefits and opportunities, the
digital divide and more.

She always wanted to somehow apply herself to making the world a better
place and at one point was going to leave the industry in order to do
this in the traditional sense by going to a third world country to feed
the poor. She she quickly realised, however, that the best way she
could benefit the world was by using the skills she already had and
apply them in new ways to help others.

In her experience, volunteerism has brought so many opportunities
including career, travel, personal satisfaction and she believes her
participation in communities such as the Open Source community has got
her to where she is today.

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Kate Lundy to host "Foundations of Open" event this week

I spoke with Senator Kate Lundy this morning ahead of the “Foundations of Open” event which she is hosting in Canberra on Thursday. In the leadup to the national 2020 summit, Senators and Members were encouraged to host their own local summits – and Senator Lundy elected to focus on Open Source technology. I was intrigued and asked her why.

“I had a look at all the big public policy issues that I think have the most capability to change the way we do things for the better, and Open Source was the standout for me. I’m involved in a lot of different policy areas ranging from sport and health promotion, right through to things relating to IT, but this one has the greatest potential because it’s a different way of solving problems, and it’s a way that I think can help organisations capitalise on corporate knowledge and share that knowledge”

The program for the event is online here. The day will look not only how Open Source technology is being used in government and private sector, but also at open standards and free access to information.

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Google seeks open source mentors for Summer of Code

Google’s gearing up for its High School student open source project Summer of Code, and they’re seeking organisations to act as mentors, or hosts, for the students who are participating. Basically it’s a chance for open source projects to open up their doors to some new, young enthusiasts, many of whom will be working on open source projects for the first time.

The deadline for organisations to apply is SOON – March 12 – so if you’re interested in helping some bright young people help *your* project, then check it out. 🙂

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