Census preview: Open source workers earn more

Pia and Jeff Waugh gave a sneak preview of the results from the first Australian Open Source Industry and Community Census at Linux.conf.au on Friday. They haven’t finished work on the results – the full report will be out in March – but the tidbits they shared were interesting.

Fifty-six percent of the respondents said they are hobbyists who aren’t paid to do open source on the job. 24% work with some FOSS on the job. But here’s where it gets really interesting – full time open source workers are earning more.

10% of respondents who were working full time on open source were paid more than those working with some or no FOSS at all on the job.

The census also noted a large disparity in the pay of men and women across the board, which is disappointing news, although in some positive news, 7% of the female respondents were involved with FOSS – higher than reported in previous global studies.

You can read the full story I wrote for IT news here:

Australian open source workers earn more

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