Vox Pop: What are the LCA "must see" sessions?

As the second day of mini-Confs kicks off,  attendees of Linux.conf.au 2008 are busily planning which talks and tuorials they’ll go to. We spoke to a few speakers and attendees to find out what was on their “must see” list.

Stormy Peters (OpenLogic)

“I’m looking forward to going to the One Laptop Per Child talk -I’m expecting mine any day now. I’m also looking forward to seeing everyone!”

Stormy Peters is keynoting on Thursday morning on the topic “Would You Do it Again for Free”. She’ll also be doing a less publicised talk at the Linux Chix mini-conf later today, on the subject “What does a community manager do”.

Pia Waugh (Waugh Partners)

My picks (as a non developer, ex-sys-admin, consultant) are:

  • Joining Second Life to the Real World presented by Jonathan Oxer – cutting edge, something that helps emphasise why openness needs to be the default platform.
  • The Consumer View of Technology presented by Steven Ellis – Helpful in understanding what is happening in the market and what people are looking for.
  • Free software development and localisation helper presented by Yang Li -Understanding the challenges facing various international communities in participating in FOSS.”

Pia Waugh is speaking about the Australian Open Source Industry and Community Census on Friday at 2.30pm with Jeff Waugh.

Jacinta Richardson (Perl Training Australia)

  • “Stormy’s keynote.  I’ve never seen Stormy talk before, but I think the topic is a really good one, and, well it’s good to see women up the front giving keynotes.  It’s not as common as I feel it should be.
  • “Create your own open source dance mat – Tamara Oliver. I love DDR and Step Mania, but dance mats are so finicky.  I’d love to know more about how they work, how to fix them and even how to create them! 
  • Stop in the name of the law – Kimberlee Watherall.  Kimberlee’s great at distilling complex legal stuff into something easily accessible for developers.  With the current climate, knowing this stuff should be mandatory for all developers.  Plus she has a wicked sense of humour.”

Jacinta Richardson is organising LCA’s second annual Open Day, which happens on Saturday 2 February.

Are you attending Linux.conf.au 2008? If so, share your “must see” sessions in comments please!

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  1. donna Said,

    January 29, 2008 @ 8:27 am

    I haven’t dared look too closely at the programme since we put it together back in august/september – I know I’ve got very little hope of seeing anything! 🙂