Shaky start to LCA 2008

Delegates arriving at the registration desk at this morning were greeted with the distressing news that due to the Australia Day public holiday there was no coffee available for purchase across the entire University of Melbourne campus (!).

To compound matters for the caffeine-deprived, the wireless network was also on the fritz.

Conference caterers had coffee up and running by the morning tea session, but the coffee outage marred the otherwise seamless registration process. 🙂

Errant OLPC computer owners were blamed for the problems with the wireless network at the conference.  computer owners who hadn’t updated their computers. Conference organisers had already notified OLPC XO-1 owners that they should update their software and firmware before LCA to avoid the multicast system the XOs use from breaking LCA’s wireless.

Here’s hoping for a more regular supply of coffee and wireless network for the rest of LCA 2008. 🙂

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