Product Review – Telstra F3000 Colour Screen phone

by Sarah Stokely
From PC Authority magazine, 14 October 2004

As mobiles have gotten more sophisticated and popular over the past few years, it was inevitable that the humble home phone would get a makeover, and the first such ‘mobilised’ landline phone is Telstra’s F3000.

Telstra is billing this unit as the first cordless home phone with a 4096 colour screen, but for our money, the really exciting feature was its ability to download names and phone numbers from your mobile phone’s SIM card (although this feature is not compatible with 3G SIM cards).

Where this phone shines is in its ability as a landline phone. The digital sound quality was excellent, with range that accommodated clear phone conversations even when the unit was outdoors and three storeys down from its base station.

The clarity of sound provided by the hands-free function was another pleasant surprise – with hardly any loss of sound quality or volume.

With its silver plastic base and handset, Telstra is aiming this phone squarely at the trendy young girl about town. The phone features cartoonish, and fairly user friendly menu icons, along with a limited choice of wallpaper and ringtones. It also ships with two games.

While its call features make this phone stand out in comparison to other landline phones, young mobile phone users may be disappointed with the limited choice of wallpapers, games and ringtones compared to mobile phones available for a similar price.

However as a home phone, the F3000 is excellent, and again it’s the ability to copy phone numbers from multiple SIM cards if by far the most useful feature.

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